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Verdigris Group's Consulting Division brings methodical research and years of experience to each consulting engagement.   If you're a developer, builder, lender, investor or public agency, You know the importance of experienced professionals who have the academic credentials, market knowledge and creativity to help you identify and manage development projects that will best target your customers and maximize your investments.


Verdigris Group provides a wide range of advisory services on virtually all land uses in order to provide our clients the expertise they need to make critical business decisions regarding product planning, appropriate pricing, achievable absorption and reducing risk.  Our advisory solutions include:

Feasibility Studies


Determining if a project makes financial sense and will create more value than it costs to develop or build. This includes analyzing the marketplace, forecasting sales or rental rates, and project development costs and financing.


Highest & Best Use Analysis


Identifying the best use for a property already owned by an investor. Market conditions, leasing rates or rents, cost to build, cost to rehabilitate, sales values, operational costs are utilized to determine how the land parcel should be developed.


Acquisition & Due Diligence


Identifying and analyzing potential property purchases to evaluate the investment potential and returns or ensure financial feasibility. Key activities include: assisting in reviewing and analyzing the seller’s reported past performance and estimates of future performance and investment returns on the property.


Pro-forma Analysis


Modeling a financial scenario(s), or analyzing, a real estate deal. One must take into account all the financial and operational facts of an existing or proposed property and use scenario or “what if” analysis to evaluate the asset.


Residual Land Valuation


Calculates a value for a vacant parcel of land if few or no quality comparable sales exist. Using market rate values, leasing or rental rates, costs to build, and the required profit to the developer to find the “residual” value of the land.




Many projects require the developer to work with the city and local planning group or board to obtain the right to build a certain development on a parcel of land. This could include rezoning or working within the land use code to develop a parcel to it’s highest and best marketable use for maximum financial benefit to the owner or developer.


Litigation Support


Researching and evaluating potential projects or theories to support litigation theories or analysis. This would include property valuation for partnership or divorce cases to assist the individuals involved in equitably splitting assets. Expert witness testimony is often required for any case.    


For-Sale and Rental Pricing & Absorption Strategy


Market knowledge is a critical success factor in real estate development.  We develop, analyze and measure current housing supply absorption rates in order to clearly understand current and future conditions and to monitor the movements of local real estate markets.


Market and Product Segmentation


Analyzing and defining the socio-economic characteristics of the demand for a specific property or properties.


And other specialized services including:


Lot-by-Lot (SFD) or Unit-by-Unit (Condo) Analysis


Product Repositioning and Incentive Evaluation


Market Research


Case Study Evaluation



To request information on these and other development advisory services please reach us at: or (800) 805-2830

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