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Operationalizing Enterprise Sustainability

Verdigris Sustainability

Today, organizations around the world and in every industry sector are realizing the benefits of becoming Sustainable Enterprises.  Some of the most compelling, proven advantages of becoming a more sustainable business include:


  •     Cost Savings

  •     Operational Efficiency    

  •     Competitive Advantage

  •     Improved Brand Equity

  •     Strategic Differentiation

  •     Industry/Market Leadership

  •     Increased Employee Satisfaction

  •     Reduced Exposure to Regulatory Changes

Verdigris Group works with corporations, universities, government, and other organizations to evaluate their current environmental impact (carbon footprint, waste generation, procurement policies, supply-chain management, etc.), and inform and develop sustainability best practices, guidelines, communication systems, and infrastructure to enhance environmental and social stewardship, market position, and ongoing financial success.



"Improved environmental performance leads to improved shareholder value, thus good

environmental management is a good proxy for management in general, then profitability."

  -  Garratt Hasenstab | Director of Sustainability, Verdigris Group



Our organizational sustainability management consulting practice includes educational development and knowledge management strategies which are uniquely tailored for each client's needs, supporting:



  •     Energy Efficiency

  •     Renewable Energy Strategies

  •     Product Procurement

  •     Carbon Reduction Management

  •     Waste / Recycling Management

  •     Employee Education

  •     Sustainable Development


Implementing a whole-enterprise sustainability strategy:

Working as an integral part of your team, Verdigris Group brings a wealth of sustainable enterprise management expertise to your unique set of goals.  First we sit down and get to know your organization.  Once we have discussed your goals related to developing highly efficient operations, we formulate a Sustainability Program tailored to achieve significant and continuous results.  Then we assist your team in implementing the processes and elements which will lead to a healthier and more productive enterprise.

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