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Green Building Product Specification Development

Verdigris Sustainability

Today's building product manufacturers are increasingly developing products that have significant sustainability qualities which in turn can facilitate the specification of those products in LEED® development projects, if the proper documentation is available to support the "green" claims behind the product.  


Often times, product manufacturers are not familiar with the intricacies of the various LEED® Certification Rating Systems, so they call on Verdigris Group to develop the appropriate documentation such as;


  • Product Guides to Earning LEED® Credits for use by architects and specifiers


  • Green Sheets outlining the green building attributes of a product


  • Environmental Statements outlining the benefits and reasons why products qualify and,


  • LEED® Credit Qualification Documentation outlining in detail each LEED® Credit that the product could help the project attain. 


Verdigris Group has the expertise and experience to provide Green Building Product Specification Documentation for the broad spectrum of green building products.


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