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Preparing for a LEED® project requires a great deal of communication across the broad scope of professional disciplines involved in bringing the project to life - and needs to start at the drawing table.  


Capturing the most efficient mix of LEED® credits is the key to producing a great project.  Working to develop the brightest ideas across the spectrum of design, engineering and construction professionals is where the LEED® Accredited Professionals at Verdigris Group provide tangible value to your team.


Some of the benefits our clients' teams realize from our LEED® Charrette & Advisory Service include:


    * Defining the purpose of pursuing LEED® Certification
    * Specifying the level of LEED® Certification desired
    * Identifying the best opportunities and largest challenges for the project
    * Developing LEED® Credit Strategies
    * Analyzing the results of implementing each credit and developing Efficient Synergies™
    * Guiding the team-members toward achieving their specific goals with relation to project completion
    * Developing a format in which all team members work together efficiently and effectively


This evaluative process brings the project team together under one vision of sustainability, defining the end-goal and developing a clear means of completing each step along the way to achieving a LEED® Certified building.


LEED Program Management & Charrette Facilitation

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