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Our Expertise

It takes a special kind of compass to understand the present and navigate the future.  Here at Verdigris Group, we are recognized globally as a leader in LEED & Green Building Consulting and Administration Services as well as being experts in building science and sustainability as they relate to the built environment. 


Additionally, as sustainability is at the core of our business perspective we have developed a reputation for excellence in sustainable enterprise development, carbon-neutral operations and corporate responsibility, consulting with businesses, non-profits and other organizations in order to create a better, greener and more equitable world. 


A key success factor that Verdigris Group has been recognized for: The depth of our experience in a variety of project management solutions encompassing nearly every aspect of the profit-critical path of the real estate development process; from planning and entitlement, to acquisitions and financing, through development and disposition, we are persistently engaged in moving projects forward, profitably; and sustainably.  Our primary fields of expertise include:

Green Building & Sustainability Expertise


As veteran LEED Accredited Professionals with specialization in Building Design & Construction we are actively engaged the management and administration of each of Verdigris Group's in-house LEED development projects  as well as every LEED project that Verdigris Group undertakes with a client builder, developer, contractor or municipality. 


Focused on providing in-depth technical expertise grounded in extensive field-experience we focus on undertanding the intricacies of green building practice and implementation, integrated-design, sustainable development  and management of the LEED documentation and certification process for high-performance building and development of commercial and residential properties.


Design & Construction Expertise


Through years of real estate devleopment and consulting on high-performance projects Verdigris Group has cultivated an expertise in designing for efficiency, be it elaborate from-the-ground-up multi-family development projects or more straight forward LEED consulting engagements Verdigris Group knows the hidden benefits or pitfalls to look out for and develops solutions to achieve each project's unique goals.  Our experience in planning, designing and drafting architectural and construction plans and collaborating with diverse teams enables us to attain the lofty results that we're working very hard to achieve in order to serve as an industry leader by example.



Real Estate Brokerage Expertise


Verdigris Group has established two robust real estate brokerage practices through in-depth and hands-on experience managing transactions across a broad spectrum of property-types including agricultural, commercial, retail, raw land, health care, educational, single-family & multifamily residential developments. We have developed a comprehensive expertise through years in the field in land research, acquisition, entitlement, municipal planning and development approval processes for multi-family development projects.


Real Estate Investment & Development Expertise


Our leaders' background in development reaches back decades, including working to develop and manage real estate invement trusts, cultivating investment relationships, provided analysis and recommendations on diversified portfolios of properties, conducting extensive field/market research, property assessment/valuation, investment analysis, property acquisition and disposition services. 


Additionally, our executives have years of experience managing strategic development consulting projects including project feasibility, strategic market analysis, site selection, regulatory approval process, land acquisition, and project management from concept to execution, successfully implementing this expertise through the profit-critical path of multifamily residential developments. 


Green Building Product Specification Documentation


Through our experience designing and developing high-performance real estate and consulting with those who do the same we have intimate knowledge of all manner of building materials and can not only specify the best components for each unique application but we also have become the 'go-to' firm for building product manufacturers who desire their products to be specified in LEED projects around the world.  We are so familiar with the family of LEED certification documentation requirements that we can easily yet carefully develop the required documentation for green building products to reach the broadest audience of architects and specifiers.


Municipal Planning & Development


Our Director of Devleopment also serves as an Appointed Planning and Development Commissioner for local government.  His Planning Commissioner duties serving the counties of Eagle and Summit Colorado include working closely with the Board of County Commissioners, County Staff, Developers, Community members and other concerned parties in the development of municipal projects, County Master Plans, Sustainable Communities and the development of recommendations addressing affordable housing.


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