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Our Organization: Dynamic & Adaptive

Verdigris Group is a group of real estate-related entities focused on sustainability.  Our dynamic and award-winning organization's primary operating divisions are sustainability and green building consulting, commercial and residential property brokerage and consulting, and ultra-green, meta-efficient property development and retrofit.  


Our consulting division, Verdigris Consulting is focused on guiding developers, contractors and builders toward more sustainable options for their property-related endeavors, including LEED and Energy Star certification administration services, enabling greater levels of energy efficiency, greater cost savings, and greater marketability.


Our consulting division also works directly with product manufacturers in order to guide them toward more sustainable sourcing and manufacturing processes, leading to greater product adoption in green building projects world-wide.  Additionally, Verdigris Consulting works with these manufacturers to develop the specification documentation required to be counted toward credit points in the LEED rating systems, which leads to greater profitability and a greener world.


Verdigris Consulting also works with businesses, non-profits and other organizations to guide the development of sustainable enterprises, observing current practices, measuring baseline energy and resource consumption across the organization, developing tailored sustainability processes suited for the organization's unique needs and goals and implementing processes which result in more efficient, more profitable and more responsible operations.     


Our award-winning development division, Verdigris Properties is focused on the sustainable critical path of real estate development, from land acquisition through completion of land and property development, in the most socially and environmentally responsible means possible.  It is our policy that every property development we undertake achieves the highest possible level of LEED Certification always aiming for Platinum, ensuring that we are only pursuing projects that will stand as beacons of sustainable design and construction for the communities they are a part of.   


Our award-winning property brokerage division, Verdigris Realty focuses on the acquisition and disposition of clients' properties, including residential, commercial, retail, industrial, raw land, health care, and other types of property.  We are focused on our clients' bottom-line.  We provide expert advocacy and specialized, boutique brokerage services making the process for buyers and sellers a relaxed and confident experience.  We are proud and humbled to have recently been awarded the "Best of 2013" Award in Commercial Real Estate Firms from the Chicago Awards Program Board of Review recognizing the best of Chicago business.

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