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High Performance Real Estate Development

Verdigris Development

We know that each of our projects serves as a leading example of what conscientious real estate development can achieve.  Our goal is that each of our projects brings forth a triple bottom-line asset to the community - generating aesthetic resonance, economic value and positive social impact; thus serving as a catalyst for future sustainable development as well as further depth of thought in sustainability as it relates to our built environment.


The development wing of Verdigris Group integrates a strong network of real estate professionals with rigorous financial pro-forma know-how to analyze, budget and implement residential and commercial real estate deals. We leverage relationships in the banking industry as well as top performing real estate agents and commercial brokers to identify and execute projects in the best neighborhoods. We also facilitate an efficient, defined process for reviewing land and building acquisitions, addressing zoning and neighborhood considerations, and evaluating construction costs. The thorough upfront attention to detail enables Verdigris Group to deliver on projects that provide strong, predictable returns in a variety of real estate deals.
As a proud, veteran member of the US Green Building Council, Verdigris Group is an active participant in the advancement of the green building movement by requiring that ALL of our development projects achieve LEED Certification - the gold standard for green building set forth through the USGBC's LEED rating system.











Our Development Strategy

A mission-critical element of our operating strategy is to empower our stakeholders with the opportunity to earn highly competitive returns on capital investment from the sale and/or management and operation of high-performance, highly-efficient, strategically differentiated, state-of-the-science residential and commercial LEED Certified properties.
It is the responsibility of Verdigris Group's development division to maintain complete control of each project for the entire duration of development, including identifying and securing land acquisitions, completing the entitlement and infrastructure improvement processes, obtaining financing, managing architectural and interior design, coordinating construction activities, managing the LEED Certification process and implementing sales and marketing strategies.
Verdigris Group's all-encompassing, vertically-integrated development process not only encourages greater synergy and efficiency, but also creates additional value which the Company believes hedges against downward market movements and further supports our sustainable business philosophy.


Non-Traditional Real Estate Assets = Exceptional Value.

  • Highly diversified property-type (LEED Certified +) leads to reduced risk & market exposure

  • Enhanced Asset Value driven by quality, reduced operating expenses, greater marketability

  • Strategically differentiated, increasing ability to weather property market fluctuations

  • Benefit of varied construction types while all seeking LEED Certification

  • Opportunity for investment in multiple regional markets (Mid-West, Mountain Regions)

  • Superior Return on Investment compared with traditional construction projects

  • Optimal convergence of vertically integrated development and brokerage divisions

Additionally, Verdigris Group's Principals invest personally in each of our real estate development projects.  In doing so, we ensure that members of our professional team have a personal financial commitment to each investment we undertake, further aligning our interests with those of our investors and our operating partners.
For more information about our Verdigris Properties Development Strategy and Current Projects, please contact our Development Division by phone at our corporate headquarters (800) 805-2830 x11, or in Colorado at (303) 952-5051 or via email here



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