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Let's  Recover.  Regroup.  ReBuild.  GreenBuild.  Together.   

Verdigris Group is committed to supporting Colorado's Catastrophic Flood Victims.


Verdigris Group's ReBuild Initiative:


We wish the very best for all of those across the State of Colorado that have been affected by the floods.  We are here to help make things right, to help revive and rebuild our community. 


Across Colorado, we understand that when disaster strikes we have to come together.  We have to take the opportunity as a community to make things right again.  Be it our families, our homes, our businesses, our schools, churches, community centers and towns, we will see to it that we renew our spirits, refresh our ideals, bathe in bright skies, and be happy and prosperous in our days ahead. 


With a positive outlook together we can help move from the devastation of this 500-year natural-disaster toward the opportunity to make our community stronger, our homes more resiliant and durable and our lives set on a healthy course to build upon for the future. 


At Verdigris Group, we feel that it is our responsibility, our duty to assist our fellow community members who are in need.  To that end, we are providing Pro Bono Rebuilding and Re-development Consulting Services for home-owners and business owners in need on a case-by-case basis.  We are offering the advantage of our specific skills and experience as development, construction, green building and sustainability professionals to the community at large.  It is our goal to provide services to those who are unable to afford them at this time.  This is one of the simple ways we can give back to our community.




Pro Bono Rebuilding and Re-development Consulting Services


Verdigris Group's ReBuild Initiative: We believe it is our obligation to assist our community members in getting whole again.  We are experts in home building design and construction, renovation management, green building planning and implementation and sustainablility planning for durability. Be it a renovation or a complete rebuild, we can facilitate the development of your rebuild together.



Contact Us:

Toll-Free: (800) 805-2830

Locally: (303) 952-5051


Twitter: @verdigrisgroup




Here at Verdigris Group, we are on a mission to suport and contribute back to our local communities. 

Our company is based on the concepts of CSR (corporate social responsibility), environmentally-conscious operations and the triple-bottom-line (TBL) approach to business of People, Planet, Profit.  Please visit here to learn about our progressive initiatives such as being a Certified Carbon Neutral Corporation since 2007, our contributions to solar wind-farms across the nation, our watershed restoration and reforestation programs, and our Top 25 Sustainability Initiatives that we practice within house. 


We feel that it is so important to be actively involved in the community that we contribute our time and expertise by means of local events volunteer work, serving as board members with local non-profit organzations, serving as land use and planning commissioners with local governments and municipalities and serving as instructors teaching at local colleges.  This is the way we operate regularly.


Please call us to discuss your unique needs and let's see if we can create a bright future together. 

After all this is our community too.  Our best thoughts and wishes are with all of those that have suffered through this devastation.  Now it is our time to be like the Phoenix and rise to new heights!


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