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Zero Environmental Footprint

Doing well by doing good is our corporate citizenship perspective, and this business strategy is not only an investment, but it is an asset and a competitive advantage which contributes to our company's success.


Verdigris Group is setting the bar high for organizational sustainability and takes pride in being a leader in environmentally sustainable business practices.  We proudly operate as a Carbon Neutral Organization - since October 2007, 100% of our electricity is supplied in the form of renewable wind and solar energy, contributing to offset our company's operational carbon footprint.  And that's just the tip of the iceberg...


Taking full account of the environmental consequences of our operational activities is one of the first steps in achieving success as a sustainable business.


In doing so, our business operations have reduced waste, improved efficiencies, and increased employee productivity, all of which have decreased operating costs and increased profit margins - and the positive impact our business has on our community is tangible.


Fundamentally, as we strive for our business to be sustainable in the corporate sense, we have to develop ways to create business growth as measured by revenues and earnings while minimizing our environmental impact and maximizing our social return. 


Although Carbon Offsetting can help reduce the impact of our activities in the short term, offsetting is not a long-term solution to global climate change and is not a substitute for reducing our emissions at their source.  It is our goal to achieve as minimal an organizational carbon footprint as possible before implementing offset solutions and other efforts.


The operational boundary of our environmental footprint assessment includes an analysis of premises' energy use, waste production and disposal, business travel and commuting habits.  We strive to account for all of our environmental impacts, offsetting the ones we cannot yet eliminate. 


We are proud to operate an organization that maintains focus on our environmental footprint and strives to reduce our impact through the most productive means available to us.   

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